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Built on a World Class Network

NWCI Cloud is a cloud-based data center where all data from your field equipment is securely accessed and stored. A host of remote management and data access features are available depending on the services and reporting package ordered with your system

Hosting & Security

The NWCI Cloud servers are hosted in a professional environment, specifically designed for this purpose. This involves redundant system design with geographically separated setups as well as trained personnel that ensures stable operations.

NWCI Cloud Network

Keeping Your Data Safe

NWCI Cloud is used in many business critical applications – Trust, Reliability, Encryption and Compliance are the cornerstones of the NWCI Cloud solution.

NWCI Cloud Security
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Download a sample of the report we send our outdoor customers every month. We track everything and give you numbers that you can use to plan and make decisions by. Real Metric allowing you to really evaluate your ROI.
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