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Discover Which System is Right for You

NWCI doesn’t just sell equipment. We sell solutions. Our evaporation system are tailored to meet your particular needs. You set the goal, it’s our job to make sure we provide you with a solution that will let you achieve it.

Indoor Evaporation Systems

Outdoor Evaporation Systems

Compare the Different Systems

Take a look at the basic specifications below and identify a system who’s capabilities and features match what your looking for. From there we will help customize a system to meet your specific needs.

Dimension (footprint) 24′ or 30′ Diameter 45’L x 40’W x 30’H and Up 45’L x 40’W x 30’H and Up Each dock segment 20′ x 10′ 15′ Post
Typhoon Type Electric or Hydraulic Electric or Hydraulic Electric or Hydraulic Electric or Hydraulic Electric or Hydraulic
# of Heads 1 6+ 6+ 4+ 1 – 6+
Control RPM’s No No Yes Yes Yes
Control Flow Rates Yes Yes Yes No No
Heating (Source) Propane/Natural Gas/ Landfill Gas Propane/Natural Gas/Landfill Gas Propane/Natural Gas/Landfill Gas Not Applicable Not Applicable
Heating (Air) Optional Optional Yes No No
Heating (Liquid) Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
BTU Capacity up to 600,000 up to 5,000,000 up to 5,000,000 Not Applicable Not Applicable
Sub-Zero operation Yes (with Heat) Yes (with Heat) Yes No No
Real-Time Tracking Yes Yes Yes Yes Optional
Automation Limited Limited Yes Yes Yes
Power 240/480v 240/480v 240/480v 240/480v 240/480v
Remote Operation  Optional Optional Yes Yes Yes
Alarm & Reporting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wind & Direction Controls N/A N/A N/A Yes Yes
Temp. & Air Flow Controls Yes No Yes No No
Avg. Evaporation Capacity (gal. per day)** 6,000 gpd 18,000 gpd 30,000 gpd 8,000 gpd 12,000 gpd
Lease/Purchase Purchase or Lease Purchase Purchase or Lease Purchase Purchase

**Averages are included to give a ballpark number. In order to get a more accurate number for your location please contact a sales engineer who can review climatic conditions at your location.

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